FreedomPop Holiday Deals Ending!

freedompop holiday

FreedomPop had some pretty sweet holiday deals this year, and they are expected to end tomorrow, Jan 31. So if you’re looking for a new device for a pretty sweet price, or a shiny new mobile hotspot device, then you should definitely consider taking advantage of this offer.
  • Freedom Liberty Tablet$49.99 (reg. $149.99)
  • ZTE Force LTE Smartphone$99.99 (reg. $199.99)
  • LTE Hotspot$49.99 (reg. $129.99) plus free trial offer of 2 GB 4G LTE (normally priced at $19.99)
If you do decide that you want to take advantage of these holiday savings, be patient! I ended up on hold for nearly 15 minutes trying to confirm the ending date of the promotion, and the customer salesperson I spoke with said that a lot of people were calling in about the deals and that they were swamped. You can purchase these promotions online or by calling their customer service at 1-855-703-5785 (and waiting 20 minutes to get in touch with someone. All of FreedomPop’s devices come with 500 MB free data every month, and anything above that, you have to purchase via a no contract monthly plan.]]>

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