FreedomPop Launches New Free Business Plan

FreedomPop, the freemium Sprint MVNO, has officially launched some plans aimed at small business owners. The business phone service, much like the personal plans, have a 100% free tier. From there, users can upgrade to get more data for a fee. The new free business plan is probably the best free option that FreedomPop currently offers. It includes unlimited texts and minutes with 2 GB of shared data between all phones on the account. By contrast, the free plan for individuals only includes 200 minutes, 200 texts, and 500 MB data. Here’s the business plan lineup:
  • Free – unlimited talk and text, 2 GB shared data
  • $34.99 – unlimited talk and text, 4 GB shared data
  • $74.99 – unlimited talk and text, 10 GB shared data
  • $159.99 – unlimited talk and text, 25 GB shared data
Business plan customers can add multiple devices to the plan and will have the ability to track usage on all lines. There is a $10 access fee for each line although a current promotion is waiving the fee when you add two or more lines. In order for customers to sign up for the plan, they must prove that they run a business by providing business tax ID numbers and other information. At the time of writing, Freedompop is offering customers a free month of premium service, which doubles the data available to all lines. To take advantage of this promotion, click here. FreedomPop has been around for quite a while and has made some splashes with its free plans and paid upgrades. The service does technically allow customers to activate their own phones, although FreedomPop is very pushy about buying a device. The company runs on the Sprint network, although I haven’t confirmed the business plans do as well. For more information on FreedomPop’s personal plans click here. To check out information on the new business plans (sans promo) click here.]]>

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