Google's MVNO May Only Support Nexus 6


Last month, Google stirred up everyone with rumors that it would be launching its own MVNO sometime soon. Last week, the company formally confirmed that a plan is in the works, but stated that it would be a ‘very small-scale’ effort and nothing that was going to threaten the major companies. And now, the WSJ and 9to5google are claiming that the service might only work with one phone–the Nexus 6. According to both articles, Google’s network is expected to be rather experimental and is supposed to seamlessly switch between T-Mobile’s network, Sprint’s network and Wifi, depending on which has the strongest signal. However, for this technology to work correctly strong collaboration between the phone’s hardware and the actual software is a must, which makes the choice to use Google’s own Nexus phone a smart decision. No one really seems sure exactly when Google is going to launch the new service. Google execs tweeted that it would be launched in the coming months, but then turned around and said that it would only be announced in the coming months, with no mention of an actual launch of the service. A lot of people are expecting Google to announce the service at I/O in May. Regardless, when it’s announced, I’ll be sure to fill you all in!]]>

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