gPhone leads to further speculation

It was almost right on cue. Just as speculation grew as to a potential Google phone, Yahoo! and Microsoft rumors started running rampant. It seems that the three companies are continually linked, each trying to one-up the others. Or at least that’s how the media portrays it. So when the gPhone rumors started to gain steam, it was pretty much a given you’d hear something about a Yahoo and Microsoft phone, whether the rumors held any water or not. The Yahoo! rumor may be real, according to an anonymous HTC (High Tech Computer Corporation) executive:

“Yahoo is on a parallel track as Google, and has actually been working on custom phones for longer than Google. We may be seeing a Yahoo phone next year, too.”
Some ex-Motorola employees are currently working in a research and development center for Yahoo, giving this rumor a bit more backing. However, there has been no confirmation whatsoever from the company. That makes sense, as they wouldn’t want to tip their hand while the gPhone talk runs through the media. The Microsoft Zune phone seems, however, to be a pipedream of phone junkies. In fact, we haven’t seen a credible source talk about the rumor, but rather a swath of bloggers speculating as to how great a Zune phone would be. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It just doesn’t seem realistic enough an endeavor for Microsoft right now. But who knows. Microsoft is eventually going to have to adapt further to mobile technologies — we all are. So why not get crackin’ on a Zune phone? Something tells us that they already have. Seriously, though: for all the hype these fancy new phones are generating, they’d better be technological marvels. We’re sick of all this hype for slightly impressive devices. [iTWire]]]>

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