T-Mobile Allows Some Project Fi Members VoLTE Access

Google’s Project Fi has been around for long enough that it’s no longer new and exciting. And, unlike many other MVNOs, it doesn’t make big changes all that frequently. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything new for Google Fi users. According to Phone Arena, it looks like a few users have been reporting VoLTE access in the last few weeks. The VoLTE access seems only to be happening on the T-Mobile network, and only in a handful of areas. However, it is common for Google to do test runs in some locations as a sort of ‘soft rollout’ before opening access across the country. It should be noted that at this time we don’t have any¬†actual confirmation that T-mobile VoLTE is coming to Google Fi, but it would certainly be a nice addition. VoLTE (which stands for Voice Over LTE) basically just allows for speedier browsing and a better call experience. Being able to use VoLTE is definitely not as big of news as, say, Verizon adding a prepaid plan… but it’s still nice to see some improvements. For those unfamiliar with Project Fi, the Google MVNO is a Wifi-first company which allows users to seamlessly switch from wifi to cellular signals and back for calling, texting, and data. It uses T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Sprint. For more information on Project Fi or to sign up for a plan, check the Project Fi website.]]>

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