Sprint's unlimited plan puts heat on Helio

The conclusion, really, is that this shouldn’t have much effect. Helio has offerings in its unlimited plan like YouTube, a more comprehensive data plan, and instant Flickr/YouTube uploads. The unlimited IM and MMS also helps Helio’s case. But the demographics are where the separation really takes place. Sprint is seeking a general audience, as are all of the major carriers. Helio, though, is looking for a youth market that gets excited about quality handsets and who devour mobile content. Helio’s Justin Ried perhaps puts it best when he says: “We’ve always been about pioneering plans that make it easy, from the concept of All-In to $99 Unlimited. It’s nice to see the major carriers following Helio’s lead – but not all $99 plans are created equal.” And honestly, looking at what you can get for $99 per month, I think Helio’s plan is the best. Hopefully other people see the same thing I do. Otherwise, whether there is a difference or not, this could be Helio’s swan song.]]>

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  1. Henry Keskot on May 18, 2008 at 6:40 pm

    Well now you can get Helio’s $99 unlimited plan without any deposit requirement by going to
    This is the only carrier to provide this since T-mobile’s FlexPay does not apply for their unlimited offering.