Apple to Launch Trade-In Program

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In mid 2013, Apple launched an extremely successful iPhone trade-in credit program that allowed customers with older versions of iPhones to sell them back to Apple and get a gift card towards a newer phone. That model has been working so well for Apple, that CEO Tim Cook has announced that he wants to launch a similar program in the coming weeks, but time time aimed at non-iPhone users. According to 9to5mac, this recycling and trade-in will work essentially the same as the popular iPhone program. Customers can bring in their Android, Blackberry and possibly even Windows phones and receive an estimated value based on the model, condition and function of the device. That money will then be loaded onto an Apple giftcard which can be used towards the purchase of a new iPhone. While Apple itself hasn’t made any official announcements, 9to5mac indicated in its article that the program might be launching ‘soon’ and that Apple employees might start training as early as this week. The article itself, however, didn’t cite any named sources, so I’m not 100% sold on the timing. Personally, I think that this program is going to be quite the boon for Apple, who saw a marked increase in iPhone sales when it launched the similar Apple Trade-In program in 2013. One could probably assume that this program will be enough to help some on-the-fence users take a stab at Apple products, as iPhones are undeniably better investments than your standard Android phone as far as keeping value. But then again, many Android users are die-hard fans of their system, just like Apple fans, so I’m not sure how many would really take Apple up on the offer. I’ll definitely post more when I hear some more official news about the program, so be sure to check back. But until then, let me know your thoughts. Would you take advantage of a program like this?]]>

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