Apple's First Android App Wants Users to Switch

Apple debuted its first Android app a couple of weeks ago (provided you don’t count Beats, which was already established when Apple bought it) and, unsurprisingly, it’s an app designed for users looking to make the switch from Android to Apple. Shockingly, Android users were not pleased. The app first appeared in the app store in mid September and is designed to help users transfer all of their contacts, photos, messages and applicable apps over to an iPhone. Apps that are not available, of course, will not be added and paid apps will be automatically added to the user’s wishlist for purchase later. While there are a handful of good reviews listed on the app for users who successfully made the normally complicated jump from Android to iPhone, more than 20,000 reviewers jumped on the app and immediately rated it 1 star, using the review place as a platform to complain and bash Apple. At the time of writing, the app has a 1.7 rating, which is pretty dismal. Some examples of the less toxic comments include:
“What do you think I am? Mad? Why on earth would I move from Android to Fisher Price? Sorry, I mean iOS. Sheer madness I tell you!”


Do not install! Unless you want a lobotomy. Seriously? You think people want to move to a restricted ecosystem that won’t even allow you to try apps before you buy?? Google why did you allow them to put this app here? Oh that’s right you promote innovation and don’t charge for it or place restrictions on it..actually – I am surprised Apple isn’t charging $20 for the app.”


Apple sucks Seriously, iphones are slow and everything is still restricted. Don’t switch, it’s just a bad idea”
Personally, while I love my Android and I wouldn’t consider jumping to Apple, some of the comments seem a little unnecessary to me–this is meant to be a review of the app, not the company. Part of me wants to be amused by the ridiculous reaction, but mostly it just makes me want to shake my head in shame. Buck up, Android users. Do Apple fans do the same thing when your app show up on their platform? Anyway, if you actually are wanting to switch from Android to iPhone, you can download the Move to iOS app here for absolutely free. Despite the horribly low rating, the few good reviews I could find actually state that the app itself functions pretty smoothly, and from Apple, I’d expect that.]]>

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