Red Pocket Offers Free Service with iPhone 4

iphone red pocket

I am not sure how I missed it, but Red Pocket apparently is still running a fourth of July sale that could land some users with a pretty sweet deal. For a limited (and sadly unspecified) time, consumers can get an iPhone 4 and one month of free service for $74. Talk about awesome! The free month of service is Red Pocket’s $29.99 plan which is available on all three of the networks Red Pocket supports (AT&T, Sprint and Verizon). The plan includes unlimited talk and text as well as 500 MB of high speed data. Once the 500 MB has been reached, Red Pocket will cut off service for the remainder of the billing period. Unlimited international texting and some international calling options are also included, depending on which network you choose. Once the month of service is up, consumers can either choose to upgrade to a different plan (the $29.99 is the cheapest flagship plan available) or continue to use the same plan. It’s worth noting that the iPhone 4 offered is actually a refurbished device which normally costs around $110 from Red Pocket. Originally released in 2010, this device is on its way out as far as updates and such goes, but is still a good device for someone looking to try out an iPhone, or if you really don’t need all of the super expensive specs and the high tag. The model is an 8GB version and can be purchased in black or white. Payment plans are also available. For more information, check out the promotional page. To see what other cool stuff Red Pocket offers, or to activate and sign up for a plan, visit Red Pocket’s website.]]>

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