U.S. Cellular Offers iPhone 6, 6 Plus Today


U.S. Cellular has announced that they will be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus today for both on contract and no contract customers, but I expect it will sell out pretty quick, so be sure to pick it up soon! The phones can be purchased online or by calling U.S. Cellular’s customer service line at 1-888-944-9400. The iPhone 6 is available in three colors and sells for $649. The iPhone 6 Plus also comes in three colors and will retail for $749. The iPhone 6 is one of the most highly anticipated phones of the year and boasts excellent graphics, a powerful processor and plenty of features including the new Apple Pay, set to debut in October. Both phones come with 16 GB memory, but you can upgrade to 64 or 128 GB for an additional fee. U.S. Cellular isn’t a company we talk about a lot, mostly because I just don’t think about it. However, they do have some decent prepaid options. For non-smartphones, you can get a $40 plan which includes unlimited data, text and voice. For smartphones, the minimum plan is $50 and includes 500 MB of high speed internet and unlimited lower speed, unlimited voice and data. You can upgrade to 2 GB high speed internet with the $60 plan.]]>

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