Great Call / Jitterbug announce new plans

Jitterbug isn’t Jitterbug any more. If you go to, you get redirected to Great Call has always been the parent company of Jitterbug, and now it appears that they’re taking over the brand, too. I found this tidbit via Phone Scoop, because they had a bit about new plans from Jitterbug / Great Call. These do include an unlimited plan, plus a few other new monthly calling plans. The unlimited plan is $80 per month. It provides unlimited talk and text and doesn’t charge for data. It’s tough with Great Call to rack up data charges, anyway, because none of the phones is particularly high-end. With the unlimited plan customers also get free voicemail and free calls to Great Call Operator Service. A number of apps come free of charge. The next step down is $39.99 for 400 anytime minutes, plus unlimited nights and weekends. The plan includes the same apps as the unlimited plan. For those who use the phone less, the Basic 19 plan costs $19.9 per month and has 100 anytime minutes, plus the use of a couple apps. Finally, the Basic 14 plan costs $14.99 per month and includes 50 anytime minutes, plus the same apps as the Basic 19 plan. As usual, these plans are available off-contract, so you won’t have to deal with a long-term commitment. You can check them all out at Great Call’s website.]]>

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