Jolt Mobile Prepaid Plans

In fact, you are able to bring your own mobile device, so whether you using Android or an iPhone, if you have a mobile phone it is going to work with the plans you have. There are different prepaid plans available to you, so you can even change these different plans, depending on the kinds of services you are looking for and what might prove desirable for your needs, all at the same time. The basic pay as you go play from Jolt Mobile requires you to pay 10 cents per minute on all of your calls. You also pay 6.6 cents per MB that your phone downloads. With this kind of service, you simply purchase the amount of minutes and data you want to use and there is no length of time it needs to be used up by. Outside of the pay as you go plan, there is a starting $15 plan that lasts for 30 days (there is no contract for any of these services, so you never have to worry about being attached to such a plan for longer than 30 days). This play gives you 250 voice minutes, 500 text messages, 10 cents per sent or receives multimedia message (picture/video), 6.6 cents per MB of data and 10 cents per international text. The next plan id $30 per 30 days. With this you receive unlimited talk, text and multimedia messaging, 500 MB of Internet date and you also have to pay 10 cents per international text message you send or receive. The next plan on the list is a $40 per 30 day plan. Here you have unlimited talk, text and multimedia texts. You receive 1 GB worth of data for the Internet and 100 international text messages. Lastly, there is a $60 prepaid plan. This gives you unlimited nationwide talk, text and multimedia messaging, 3 GB worth of data and Web service and 100 international text messages to send or receive. This way, you are able to always pick the right plan for your needs, without having to string yourself in with a contract.]]>

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