Jolt Moves PayGo, Flex Plans to T-Mobile

Jolt Mobile, a former AT&T MVNO has moved customers who are not signed up for the unlimited plans off of AT&T’s nationwide network over to the smaller and slightly cheaper T-Mobile network. I’m not really sure when this change happened, but Prepaid Phone News first reported on it yesterday, so it was likely pretty recent. While I can’t seem to find any official announcement from Jolt Mobile, its website now clearly shows two different maps for unlimited monthly customers and those on cheaper paygo/flex plans. A customer service representative confirmed yesterday that the company has made the switch, but didn’t really say why aside from ‘value’ and other nonsense. In addition to this quiet change came a few minor tweaks to plans as well. Here are a few of the changes:
  • PayGo texts have decreased to $0.05 per text instead of $0.10
  • PayGo data has increased from $0.066 per MB to $0.10
  • Top-up expiration dates have decreased
    • Previously $10 expired in 90 days, and $20 in 120 days
    • Now, $25 expires in 60 days, $50 in 180 days and $100 in 365 days
Personally, I don’t think Jolt’s plan lineup looks all that great considering the switch to T-Mobile. As a reminder, here’s what their plans look like right now:

Flex Plans – T-Mobile network; plans expire in 30 days

$5 – 50 minutes (OR $0.10/minute), 100 texts (OR $0.05/message), 50 MB (OR $0.10/MB) – $10 –  250 minutes (OR $0.04/minute), 500 texts (OR $0.02/message), 200 MB (OR $0.05/MB) $20 –  500 minutes (OR $0.04/minute), 1000 texts (OR $0.02/message), 400 MB (OR $0.05/MB)

PayGo Plans – T-Mobile network; $1 monthly maintenance fee

$25 – expires in 60 days; 250 minutes (OR $0.10/minute), 500 texts (OR $0.05/message), 250 MB (OR $0.10/MB) $50 – expires in 180 days; 500 minutes (OR $0.10/minute), 1000 texts (OR $0.05/message), 500 MB (OR $0.10/MB) – $100 – expires in 1 year; 1000 minutes (OR $0.10/minute), 2000 texts (OR $0.05/message), 1 GB (OR $0.10/MB)

Monthly Unlimited Plans – AT&T network; Unlimited talk and text on all; 30 day expiration; data only released half at a time, you must call customer service to get the rest released to you.

$30 – 500 MB – $40 – 1 GB; $1 free international call credit – $50 – 2 GB; $1 free international call credit – $60 – 3 GB; $1 free international call credit

For more information, or to sign up for one of these plans, visit Jolt’s website.]]>

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