kajeet customers can get $10 for referring another

kajeet service. Carol Politi explains in this blog post. Existing customers should hand out the referral code 102962 to enter alongside their phone numbers to receive the $10 credit. That goes right towards cell service, and can even go towards the phone wallet, which parents can use at their disposal. Best part: there’s no limit. So if you have the service, there’s no reason to not hand out this code when referring.]]>

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  1. Michele Coakley on August 21, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Kajeet is definitely making a name for itself! They offer a great product for kids and parents love the safety features. There are no contracts and plans start at less than $5/month with free parental controls. I can offer you 15% off any phone Kajeet sells by following this link; http://www.kajeet.com/michele in addition to the $10 phone credit!