Kajeet Lowers PayGo Data Price

Kajeet is a prepaid Sprint MVNO that specializes in smartphones for kids, offering some of the best parental controls on the market. The plans are a little pricier than some other companies, but for parents wanting to keep track of what their children are doing with smartphones, it really can’t be beat. And with the recent price shift, Kajeet is suddenly a much better pay-as-you-go deal than you might realize. Until recently, Kajeet offered pay-as-you-go data at the astonishing rate of $1 per MB–or more than $1,000 per GB. However, the company has officially lowered the price to about $0.04 per MB, which comes in at a little over $40 per GB. While Kajeet’s plans change pretty frequently, I’ll list out the plans that Kajeet offers as of press time as a general idea. All plans include unlimited parental controls. Additional minutes can be purchased for $0.10 per minute. Here are the plans:
  • $4.99 – 10 minutes, $0.10 per text, $0.25 per MMS, $0.04 per MB
  • $14.99 – 60 minutes, unlimited texts, $0.25 per MMS, $0.04 per MB
  • $19.99 – 150 minutes, unlimited texts and MMS, $0.04 per MB
  • $24.99 – 500 minutes, unlimited texts and MMS, 500 MB
  • $34.99 – 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and MMS, 1 GB
  • $49.99 – unlimited minutes, texts and MMS, 2 GB
While the $0.04 per MB might seem a little insane, it’s actually pretty par for the course. Many MVNOs that offer pay-as-you-go data actually charge more like $0.10 per MB, which would equal to more than $100 per GB. There are companies that have lower per MB costs, but none of them offer the parental controls that Kajeet does. Kajeet allows parents to purchase a device or activate an old device. Parental controls include controlling when the device may be used, blocking calls, monitoring website access, GPS tracking and more. For more information check out Kajeet’s website.]]>

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