Metro PCS Brings Back Hotspot for $5

bringing back WiFi Hotspots on their GSM network. Available for the $40, $50, and $60 plans, the hotspot will cost an additional $5 a month for limited high speed and unlimited slower speed tethering. Depending on which plan you have, you could get between 500 MB and 2.5 GB high speed tethering before experiencing throttling. The data is pulled from the same reserve as your normal plan, however–the $5 only buys you the ability to tether. Until this most recent change, Metro PCS blocked customers from using hotspots on their GSM network and getting around those blocks was complicated, time consuming and violated the terms of service. They have set up a page to explain tethering and help customers understand how it works if you are feeling a little lost. Additionally, customers can top up their data for $5 for 1 GB if tethering is something you need. Check out this article to get an idea on how far 1 GB will get you. The cost isn’t half bad either and although it seems a little unfair that you have to pay extra to tether that data you’ve already paid for (as tethering pulls from the same data bucket that you already purchased with your minutes) at least it’s cheap.]]>