MetroPCS Ups Data on $30 Plan

T-Mobile’s prepaid carrier, MetroPCS, recently made some changes to its plan lineup. The company increased the data on its cheapest plan and also introduced some pretty sweet promotional pricing on multi-line plans. With this most recent change, the $30 plan now includes 2 GB of data instead of 1 GB, which is no doubt an effort to keep it competitive. The price and other features (including Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer) remain unchanged. Here’s the current plan lineup:
  • $30 – unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 2 GB of high speed data
  • $40 –  unlimited talk, text, and low speed data, 3 GB of high speed data
  • $50 –  unlimited talk, text, and high speed data (throttled at 20 GB)
  • $60 –  unlimited talk, text, and high speed data (throttled at 20 GB), 8 GB hotspot
The oddest thing here is that MetroPCS didn’t also increase the data on the $40 plan; I can only assume that it will be getting an update sometime soon in order to keep it competitive as well. Other carriers are offering way more data at the $40 price point, and I can’t see the jump from 3 GB to unlimited high speed not being worth an extra $10; making the $40 effectively useless at this point.

Group Discount Promotion

In conjunction with this change, MetroPCS also added a new promotion for customers who add more an additional phone. For a limited time, customers can save anywhere from $10 – $20 when they add a second line on any service. For example, two lines on the $30/month plan will cost $50. Additionally, customers can get 2 free Galaxy J3 Prime devices when they switch to MetroPCS. There is no actual end date advertised for this promotion, but it is promoted as “limited time” so it’s probably safe to assume that it will be there as long as MetroPCS is still getting business from it. Click here to read the fine print.]]>

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