T-Mobile and MetroPCS expect few changes following merger

MetroPCS merger has gone through. They’ll make it official this Wednesday, May 1. Now that the journalists and analysts have had their field day, we get to the question at the heart of the matter: what does this mean to you, the customer of either MetroPCS or T-Mobile. The answer, in short, is that nothing will change immediately. While the two entities will fall under the same corporate umbrella, they will continue to operate as they have previously. The only small change might be expanded handset availability, but with T-Mobile’s limited LTE coverage that might not be a big consideration in the short run. If you’re looking for the bigger picture, TmoNews.com has a piece covering the longview of the merger. The biggest change will come in 2015, when T-Mobile and MetroPCS could have LTE coverage in multiple major markets that trumps the speeds of Verizon and AT&T. But it’s a bit early to be talking about 2015 effects. In the moment, little will change. Another non-change following the merger: GoSmart Mobile will remain in tact, writes FierceWireless’s Mike Dano. T-Mobile actually launched the offering after news broke of the proposed merger. In some ways it might seem to compete with MetroPCS’s offerings, but for the time being it will remain a brand under T-Mobile. Perhaps there will be some kind of blending with MetroPCS at some point, but for right now GoSmart will remain. In other words, don’t expect worlds to change when this merger goes through on Wednesday. Both companies agreed to the merger because of the long-term implications, not because of some one-off ideas. ]]>

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