Two T-Mobile phones, plus BYOD, coming to MetroPCS

MetroPCS‘s service plans haven’t changed at all since the merger with T-Mobile, it has still gained plenty. Perhaps this biggest gain is a network that covers 100 million additional people. As we learned yesterday, MetroPCS will soon get a chance to expand and reach many of those potential customers. According to a leaked document, MetroPCS will soon offer the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit and the LG Optimus L9, both handsets that T-Mobile has already released. More importantly, they’ll begin offering a bring your own device program starting in mid-June, which could open up even more opportunities. The Galaxy Exhibit and the Optimus L9 aren’t the top phones on the market, but they’re serviceable mid-range handsets. The Exhibit is basically the Galaxy SIII Mini, with a 4-inch screen, dual-core 1GHz processor, and a few other bells and whistles. The L9 has a 4.5-inch screen also with a dual-core 1GHz processor. Again, nothing groundbreaking but perhaps two useful handsets in the $200 range. (That’s an estimate, by the way, and not the certain price range of these devices.) The bring your own device plan for MetroPCS will allow them to take T-Mobile-locked and unlocked GSM handsets. The program will begin on June 12th and will cover a wide range of smartphones and feature phones, including the iPhone. The leaked screen doesn’t mention BlackBerry phones, and Phone Arena explicitly says that BlackBerry devices will not be included. While these changes won’t have AT&T and Verizon customers flocking for MetroPCS, they do illustrate the many ways that the T-Mobile merger will benefit both companies. Via Phone Arena.]]>

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