MyScreen Mobile makes mobile advertising partnership

Virgin Mobile‘s Sugar Mama program, whereby subscribers are paid to view a certain number of ads. We talked about this in relation to MyScreen Mobile, though I had my doubts based on their lack of a privacy policy. Now they have one in place, and they’ve partnered with a mobile services team to enhance their ad inventory. Could they be a viable solution to your high phone bill? MyScreen CFO Raghu Kilambi on why he thinks this will be good for consumers:

“With Gartner forecasting global Mobile Advertising to surpass $12 billion by 2011, it is positioned to be the next ‘killer app’ and MyScreen is the most effective delivery platform for advertisers and operators, with the best user experience for Subscribers. Sentaca will help our Media & Mobile Carrier partners to deploy and scale quickly, maximizing the advertising and rewards opportunities.”
It’s worth a look, at least. Head to and check it out. It’s nice to have it in writing that they won’t sell your information to third parties.]]>