New mobile advertising group helps you cut your cell bill

We’ve made it well known that we are not fan of interruption marketing. Whether it’s a TV commercial or an advertisement preceding an online video, we think that forcing people to watch ads is just a silly and outdated method of spreading your message. Most of the junk advertised doesn’t even appeal to us, meaning that the companies are effectively wasting a portion of their dollar. And most of them don’t even have a call to action, so they try to get by merely with the power of suggestion. None of this is appealing to us. And we really dread the day it becomes common on our cell phone. My Screen Mobile hopes to bring advertising to the mobile world. That we don’t like. But they also hope to do it on a permission basis. That we do like. However, it’s not going to be an easy model. First, mobile users have to sign up for the My Screen service. Why would someone voluntarily agree to receive ads on his or her phone? Get this: My Screen Mobile pays you for every ad you view. They put credits in your account, which are transferred at the end of the month and used to pay your bill. However, we couldn’t find out how much you get per ad viewed, or if you could control the number of ads sent to you. My Screen Mobile takes the advertising a step further by having members fill out a questionnaire upon signing up for the service. This allows advertisers to hit specific demographics, thus cutting costs (presumably, they pay per advertisement sent). And, have we mentioned: you get paid for it! Everyone (or at least almost everyone) has a cell phone, so it’s inevitable that we’ll start to see advertising penetrate that market. We’re glad, though, that someone came up with a decent model to screen those advertisements. The pay feature is enticing, though that depends on how much, really. Remember, you’re probably still being charged by your cell provider when you see these ads, so unless My Screen Mobile enters into agreements with those carriers, the compensation will have to be cost to the user and then some to make it worth it. Still, it’s tough not to like this. [Prime Newswire] [My Space Mobile]]]>