A good day for prepaid mobile gamers

finding a provider rich in mobile games. Today, we received a story about a merger between iLoop Mobile and Via One Networks that will bring prepaid digital content to your cell phone. iLoop is the mobile technology company that wants to deliver the games, and Via One Networks deals with point of sale transaction processing. It seems like a match made in Mario Heaven. We’ll let the article do the talking, because we don’t think we could explain it much better:

Under the agreement, the Via One prepaid billing solution will be offered to iLoop Mobile mFinity platform users. Thus, content providers will be able to create mobile distribution initiatives with various prepaid billing solutions available and ready to deploy. Subsequently, Via One will use iLoop Mobile’s mFinity platform for their clients to create and manage mobile content distribution initiatives. Via One has opted for the mFinity appliance to take advantage of independent control over their mobile infrastructure.
This truly sounds like one of those “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kinds of deals, rather than the “we’re big and you’re small, so we’re going to ‘collaborate,’ and by collaborate we mean take you over” brand of deals. The best part about iLoop is that allows anyone to create mobile content. This will also play well for businesses, as iLoop’s mFinity platform allows for “direct one-to-one consumer interaction and mobile content distribution.” We can totally see this being used in the upcoming elections. Honestly, we hadn’t heard of either company before reading this article. But as we got through it, we realized the power of this partnership. iLoop sounds like a great company with a great goal, and Via One is helping them achieve their goals via distribution. Once again, these are the kinds of deals we praise. [TMCnet]]]>

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