Charting cell carrier relations

list of featured providers, there are quite a few providers you might not know of. For the most part, they’re either regional providers or Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). Click for a larger, printable version. In case you’re unfamiliar, MVNOs operate by purchasing wholesale minutes form network operators (your Verizons, AT&Ts, etc.) and reselling them. It can be tough to keep track of what is what, and who works off which network. But that’s what we do here at Prepaid Reviews. We’ve created this nifty chart that shows the relationship among the national networks, regional networks, and MVNOs. We hope it clears up any confusion you have as to who’s working for who. Feel free to download the image and even repost it on your own website for others to see. Two rules, though: 1) No modifying the image in any way. 2) No removing the branding. If you have any questions, send an email.]]>

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