iWireless to get LTE


Regional carriers aren’t something that we normally cover here at Prepaid Reviews, but today we’re making an exception for iWireless, a carrier that operates primarily in Iowa and some parts of the surrounding states. Why are we making an exception, you might ask? Well, because this tiny little MVNO has announced it will be offering LTE to its customers and any big step like that is worth writing about. If you haven’t heard about iWireless, don’t worry–you’re probably not the only one. This carrier only has a presence in Iowa, western Illinios and eastern Nebraska and is owned partially by T-Mobile and partially by Iowa Network Services. It offers some pretty high priced prepaid services and reportedly some excellent customer service. While consumers who are outside of the coverage area will not be able to sign up for the plans, iWireless does have a pretty wide range of options including monthly, weekly and 15 day plans available. Pay as you go is not supported. Plans tend to range from $10 – $80 depending how many days of service you want and how much data you need. If you live in the Iowa area, then this company might be worth a look although its prices seem a little steep to me. You can click here to visit the website and see for yourself.]]>

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