Kitty Wireless Limited Time Discounted Device

kitty wireless

I received a notification this morning that Kitty Wireless has a limited time, limited quantity order for new Kitty Wireless customers looking to get both a new number and a new phone. Available immediately, consumers can purchase the LG VS840 4G LTE for $79.95 which includes both the device and one month service on Kitty Wireless’ $55 monthly plan.


Kitty Wireless is a Page Plus MVNO reseller that is known for its excellent customer service. The company offers a number of plans, but the $55 plan includes unlimited talk, text and low speed data, 3 GB of 4G speeds and affordable rates for international calling and calls while roaming. After the first month, customers can either continue to use the $55 plan or change to a different plan entirely. Learn more about Kitty Wireless plans. Devices all include a free Page Plus SIM as well as the first month completely free. Shipping and handling is an additional fee, and the devices themselves are nonrefundable and will only be eligible for a 30 day exchange warranty through Kitty Wireless. You can take advantage of this deal here, or learn more about Kitty Wireless. Page Plus (and, therefore, Kitty Wireless) both use Verizon’s network.]]>

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