PTel, Giv Increase Top Data Cap to 10 GB

T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile recently increased the data cap on its topmost tier for both itself and its charitable prepaid subsidary company, Giv Mobile. Effective immediately, customers on the $60/month plans will receive an additional 6 GB of data each month to a total of 10 GB. Plan prices and other data caps remain the same for both PTel and Giv Mobile. Both companies offer the $60/month plan with unlimited talk and text and unlimited throttled data. The plan is good for 30 days. Other plans range from $20 – $50 and include anywhere from 250 MB to 3 GB along with unlimited talk, text and throttled data on the higher priced plans. PTel and Giv basically have the same plan lineup, although PTel offers pay as you go services for $0.05/minute, $0.02/text or MMS or $0.10/MB for LTE data. While Giv does not have a $50 plan, its unlimited everything plan with 1 GB high speed is $5 cheaper than PTel’s. Giv Mobile also allows customers to donate 8% of each monthly bill to the charity of choice. Both companies sell phones or allow customers to bring their own devices. For more information on PTel plans and promotions, visit the website. You can find out more about Giv Mobile on their website as well.]]>

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