Pure TalkUSA Expands to Kmart, Sears

It’s always nice to see an MVNO moving up in the world and expanding beyond an online presence. It looks like AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA are now available not only online but also in more than 1,600 Sears and Kmart stores nationwide. Effective immediately, customers will be able to purchase not only feature phones, but also calling plans and SIM cards for activating a compatible unlocked GSM or AT&T device. You can locate Pure TalkUSA services inside a Kmart or Sears store near you on this Pure TalkUSA¬†page. For me, what sets Pure TalkUSA apart is that the customer service is 100% based in the United States, which makes the representatives not only easier to understand but is also better for the nation’s economy. Additionally, Pure TalkUSA offers 4G service on AT&T’s network and has a variety of plans for individuals, families, military veterans and seniors. Plan prices are pretty widely ranged and the company itself has a rather unique method of bundling minutes and voice together where three text messages equal one minute of airtime. For more information on Pure TalkUSA plans and services, visit Pure TalkUSA’s website.]]>

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