RadioShack Closes No-Contract Wireless


RadioShack has quietly shut down its No-Contract Wireless brand and removed all of their phones and offers from their site. Phones from other MVNOs are still available, however. Customers who purchased a No-Contract Wireless phone in the last 30 days can get a full refund by contacting RadioShack. RadioShack’s No-Contract Wireless was originally started in 2012 as a partnership between RadioShack and Leap Wireless’s Cricket brand. The service operated on CDMA. However, with the recent acquisition of Cricket by wireless giant AT&T, the announcement that AT&T intended to close Cricket’s CDMA network and RadioShack’s recent financial troubles, the closing wasn’t exactly a surprise (In fact, the whole company might be closing soon unless something big happens). According to Prepaid Phone News, RadioShack and Cricket have both confirmed that customers of RadioShack’s No-Contract Wireless brand will continue to receive service through Cricket Wireless. As AT&T closes down the CDMA network, customers will likely be encouraged to purchase new phones (probably at discounts) to stay with Cricket on their GSM network. No official announcements about it have been made, however.]]>