Real Mobile Increases Data on AT&T Plans

Real Mobile, an AT&T and Sprint MVNO, recently made some changes to the data allotments for its AT&T (GSM) monthly plans. The Sprint (CDMA) plans, unfortunately, are unchanged. The changes are all for the good, and help make the MVNO more competitive in the market. Below is a lineup of the data on all of the the AT&T plans. They all also include unlimited voice and texts.
  • $30 plan – 1 GB hard-capped data (previously was 500 MB)
  • $40 plan – 2 GB high-speed data, and unlimited low speed (previously was 1 GB)
  • $50 plan – 5 GB high-speed data, and unlimited low speed (previously was 2 GB)
  • $60 plan – 5 GB high-speed data, and unlimited low speed (previously was 2 GB). It also includes $20 international calling credit.
Real Mobile does offer data top-ups, which are priced at $10 for 500 MB. That’s a little on the pricey side, in my opinion, but not completely unreasonable. With these changes, Real Mobile is actually pretty comparable to other AT&T MVNOs, and its reputation for American-based customer service centers will help push it over the edge for most people. There is a lot to be said for good customer service and while, sure, Straight Talk does offer 5 GB for $45, but the customer service level simply can’t compare. For more information on Real Mobile, or to check out the other plans and device options, visit the Real Mobile website.]]>