RingPlus Matching Magic Plan Details

On Friday, we talked about some of the major changes that came to RingPlus recently, including the ending of their free plans, revamping of several of their existing plans and a barebones teaser of their new Matching Magic Plan. Well, RingPlus has officially released more information about their Magic Plans, and it might not be as good of a deal as it sounds. The idea behind the Matching Magic Plan is that users will be able to activate a second line with this plan, and all minutes, texts and MB they use on their primary plan will slide over to the Matching Magic line to be reused. The plans will be available to all customers, and will launch on November 3, although customers can sign up for it at the end of this month. Now, for the details:

  • A Ringplus paid plan can only have one attached Matching Magic line
  • For every minute, SMS and MB used on the paid plan, the Matching Magic line will receive one minute, SMS or MB.
  • Minutes, SMS, and MB on the Matching Magic plans expire in 24 hours. There is some confusion about how exactly this is going to work, and the forum has plenty of debate about the topic without any actual answers. We’ll just have to wait until it’s rolled out to see exactly how the minutes transfer/expire. But for now, expect a 24 hour life.
  • Overages for the Matching Magic plan are $0.05 for each minute, SMS and MB
To make things a little more complicated, RingPlus has also listed out a series of perks for the Matching Magic plans, scheduled to be launched during the fourth quarter. These perks include the ability to ‘freeze’ minutes/SMS/MB on the matching magic plan so they can be used whenever you like. Whenever you ‘thaw’ out your frozen minutes, they have a 24 hour expiration date again. Similarly, there will also be a Magic Life perk that will allow users to extend the life of their Matching Magic plans from 24 hours to 3 months for a small fee. RingPlus also intends to introduce a Magic Friend referral program and a Magic Shop where you can buy and sell Matching Magic minutes, SMS and MB. While it seems a little complicated with more than a few kinks to work out, as the November deadline gets closer, I expect that RingPlus will explain it a little better. If they can figure out a simple way for users to track their Magic minutes easily it could be a really cool service, and the overages aren’t too bad for days when you don’t quite have enough minutes. We’ll just have to wait and see how it is at launch.]]>

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