Smartel T-Mobile Plans Now Businesses Only

You might remember last week we wrote about a new company called Smartel which sold service on both Verizon and T-Mobile. What caught my attention was the insanely cheap T-Mobile plans–$35 for 10 GB. While originally open to all, these plans are now only available for businesses. I can’t say that I am surprised by this development, as there were some quirks that led me to suspect that the company was splitting up a multiple line business plan and reselling it to individuals. This, of course, is not something that T-Mobile allows as businesses get different rates than individuals. Effective immediately, all customers who wish to sign up for the T-Mobile powered plans must provide a business tax-ID (EIN). In fact, there aren’t even any advertised prices on the website any longer and the color coding has been changed from pink to green, undoubtedly upon request from T-Mobile. These business plans, however, are definitely a good deal for small business owners as they are no contract and have several postpaid features like Music Freedom, Wifi Calling and Data Stash. Here are T-Mobile plan options for businesses:
  • Silver plan – $25 for unlimited talk and text, 1 GB data
  • Gold plan – $35 for unlimited talk and text, 10 GB data
  • Platinum plan – $44 for unlimited talk, text and data
On the other side of things, the Verizon (Red network) plans haven’t changed at all, and unlike the T-Mobile plans are open for individuals. I have contacted Smartel to confirm this and will update the article when I hear back. These plans really aren’t that great of a deal and are pretty comparable to other Verizon MVNOs like Selectel. You can check out Smartel’s plans and services on the company’s website. While Sprint and AT&T are listed on the home page, these services aren’t available yet–so don’t let that fool you!]]>

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