Solavei to Aim at Hispanic Market


Despite almost a full year of next to no signs of life from Solavei, it appears that the company is still doing well and functioning. Earlier this month, the company finally announced that it would partner with Netherlands-based company ASPIDER and planned to emerge from bankruptcy by the end of April. Well, it looks like in addition to some compensation changes and restructuring of the company overall, Solavei has also decided to set its sights on the grossly under-served Hispanic market both in the US and abroad. CEO Ryan Wuerch told Fierce Wireless earlier this month that the company plans to expand to Mexico and other Latin American markets later this year, although he declined to name specific places or times. Prior to the bankruptcy filing, the company had announced that it intended to start focusing on the Hispanic market, however those ambitions were unable to be fulfilled due to the massive debts that the company found itself struggling with. Wuerch told Fierce Wireless that roughly 80% of the new members that Solavei gets each month are Hispanic or Latino, up from 70% last August. More than half of Solavei’s customer base is hispanic, although Wuerch has repeatedly refused to say exactly how many active customers Solavei currently has. He did state that Solavei is the fastest-growing carrier in Puerto Rico, and said that Latin American expansion is a ‘high priority’ for the company. Clearly things aren’t going too badly for the compensation-based T-Mobile carrier, but we’ll just have to see exactly where the company moves next.]]>

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