TextNow Plan Overview

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There are so many Sprint MVNOs and so little time. One of those often-overlooked companies is TextNow, a little company that launched a few years ago. Owned by the same company that also owns Touch Mobile, TextNow offers Wifi calling through an app, and offers monthly plans that are pretty competitively priced. Here are their monthly plans:
  • Tall – $18.99; 500 MB data, 750 minutes, unlimited text
  • Grange – $26.99; 1 GB data, 1250 minutes, unlimited text
  • Venti – $39.99; 2 GB data; 2000 minutes, unlimited text
  • Trenta – $59.99; 4 GB data, 4000 minutes, unlimited text
All plans include unlimited incoming calls. Similar to Republic Wireless, TextNow uses a combination of Wifi networks and Sprint’s CDMA network in order to place and receive calls and texts. I believe that it prioritizes wifi networks over CDMA at this time. TextNow offers several phone options, but unlike Republic Wireless the service is also available for customers who wish to activate their own Sprint device. Customers who activate their own device might not be able to switch back and forth between CDMA and wifi, so coverage will be limited to wifi locations only. For more information or to check out TextNow yourself, click here. Have you used TextNow? Share your experience with us in the comments!]]>

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