Univision, GoSmart Available at Target


Two prepaid T-Mobile MVNO companies recently announced that they would be offering their services through Target stores nationwide soon. Univision Mobile and GoSmart Mobile are similarly priced and will join T-Mobile prepaid on the shelves of electronic departments in various Target stores in the United States. Univision Mobile offers prepaid plans ranging from $30 -$55, with unlimited nationwide talk and text, limited data and a special emphasis on international calling and roaming. The company itself has some excellent international rates and includes unlimited international texting with all of its plans. Customers can either purchase a phone or bring their own devices. GoSmart Mobile is a low-cost prepaid MVNO with plans ranging from $25 – $45. All plans include unlimited talk and text with a limited amount of 3G data. The service itself doesn’t offer 4G speeds, but all plans have unlimited high speed access to Facebook. You can purchase or activate your own phone ¬†with GoSmart. With Brightspot Mobile, a Target-owned T-Mobile MVNO, in the process of scaling down operations I can’t say that I am incredibly surprised that Target has found companies to fill the wireless gap. This sort of exposure is especially good for Spanish-oriented Univision Mobile, which doesn’t seem to have quite as much of a retail presence as some other companies. I’m not 100% sure exactly when the services will be available in Target stores, but I expect it will be soon (if they are not already rolling out today). Check with your local Target to see if it will be offering these services near you.]]>

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  1. Johnny5 on June 1, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Where’s your source that brightspot is closed? The website is still online and target online is still selling service refill cards

    • Liz E. on June 2, 2015 at 11:40 am

      Well, it’s not closed yet, but they are scaling down operations and likely will close. I should have been more clear. I have updated the article with a link and reworded it to be more accurate.
      Edit: Brightspot has officially announced that they will be closing in December. Full story tomorrow!