Univision Includes Cuba in International Calling


No doubt in response to the Boost Mobile plans designed for those interested in calling Cuba, Univision Mobile, a T-Mobile MVNO, has re-targeted its excellent international calling services to Latin American countries. While none of this is actually new (these changes were announced in February) the web page now officially labels Cuba as a country that users can call at the rate of roughly $2 per minute for no additional fee. Right now, all plans include International Calling funds which can be used to call various countries. You can view the full list here. Each country is billed at a separate per-minute rate, which means some countries will be less expensive to call than others. Cuba is probably one of the most expensive, unfortunately. However, the funds can be used for both landline and mobile calling. Each monthly plan includes a different amount of International Calling funds:
  • $30 plan – $15 international funds
  • $35 plan – $20 international funds
  • $45 plan – $45 international funds
  • $55 plan – $55 international calling
From what I can gather, it looks like international calling will first use up the international funds before moving on to the actual plan funds. While Univision offers a $10/month International Talk service to receive unlimited landline calls for the select countries, Cuba is not included in this. Right now, Cuba has some of the highest per-minute rates of any Latin American country, but at least customers have options now. For more information on International calling through Univision, visit their website.]]>

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