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Launched in September 2014, US Mobile has a rather unusual plan structure which lets customers tailor the plans to their own needs. The company operates on the idea that customers shouldn’t have to pay for things they don’t’ really need (no matter how much we’ve been trained to think we do) and so aside from texting, there¬†are no unlimited options. The company is owned by GSM Nation and runs on T-Mobile’s network. The company is actually set up pretty similar to Ting, except it is fully prepaid instead of postpaid. Customers are allowed at the beginning of each month to determine how many minutes, MB and texts they think they’ll need during the course of the month based on tiered pricing, and then prepay for that amount. While services don’t carry over to the next month, top-ups are priced similarly to the original monthly tiers, and customers can purchase them in the same increments. Here are the plan tiers: Talk
  • $3 – 100 minutes
  • $7 – 250 minutes
  • $9 – 500 minutes
  • $15 – 1,000 minutes
  • $25 – $2,000 minutes
  • $2 – 100 texts
  • $3 – 250 texts
  • $4 – 500 texts
  • $5 – 1,000 texts
  • $7 – unlimited texts
  • $2 – 100 MB
  • $5 – 250 MB
  • $9 – 500 MB
  • $15 – 1 GB
  • $25 – 2 GB
There is also a $2 monthly service charge for all phones, and customers will also be charged any applicable state taxes or 911 fees. US Mobile is apparently pretty confident in its service and allows potential customers to demo the service for 30 days. Prior to using 100 minutes, 100 texts or 100 MB, customers can apply for a full refund of the monthly bill should they be displeased with the service. While US Mobile does offer a handful of phones on its site, the selection is pretty limited and mostly consists of flagships which are rather expensive. However, the company does allow customers to activate their own unlocked compatible GSM phone from an international carrier, AT&T or T-Mobile. This company is still one of the newer MVNOs, but has had enough time under its belt that many of the initial risks have past. Granted, switching to a relatively new MVNO is never without risks, but US Mobile seems to be doing fairly well, and the customer service associates I’ve spoken with have all been very pleasant. To check out what the company has to offer, visit US Mobile’s website. If you’ve used this service, let me know what you thought about them in the comments!]]>

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