UVA Mobile Officially Launches from Beta

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If you’re looking for a T-Mobile prepaid carrier, then you have absolutely no shortage of options. However, very few MVNOs offer any kind of line sharing, and 2-line plans are hard to come by for the most part. Fortunately, if you’re looking for an affordable 2-line prepaid option, UVA Mobile has finally announced its commercial launch this month. Created with users in mind, CEO Mehul Merchant created UVA Mobile with the idea that there was no need for users to pay premium prices for unlimited services that they didn’t really need. Instead, he focused his company on affordability and customization. “Our goal is to start a movement here in the U.S. as far as pay-as-you-go cell phone services are concerned. Other countries have been leading the charge in this regard and it is time we get on board,” Merchant said in a statement. UVA Mobile currently only offers one plan to its customers with five different customization options. The $50 plan is for two lines and both lines pull from the same talk, text and data buckets. All plan customization options include 4G LTE data (provided you have a compatible phone) and 10,000 texts. Customers can choose how many minutes and GB they need from the following customization options:
  • 2,000 minutes, 4.5 GB LTE
  • 2,500 minutes, 4 GB LTE
  • 3,500 minutes, 3 GB LTE
  • 4,500 minutes, 2 GB LTE
  • 5,000 minutes, 1.5 GB LTE
Plans also include $5 international calling credits which can be used to call dozens of different countries at varying per-minute rates. Additional funds for international calling can be added. Click here to view international rates. Customers who run out of service before the month’s end can purchase at $10 top-up which includes 1,000 minutes, 1 GB or unlimited texting. Unfortunately, the card does not roll over into the next bill cycle and there is no option for tethering at this time. UVA Mobile representatives have informed me that the company is currently working on some sharing flexibility options so that users can better monitor and control how much data and how many minutes each line uses. As the company only commercially launched yesterday, this service is not quite ready, but should be soon. “There are no carriers that give users the flexibility and affordability of dialing your own data, voice and text usage for 1 and 2 line plans in the U.S.,” said UVA Mobile CEO Mehul Merchant. “UVA truly gives customers the flexibility of configuring their data, voice and text to their usage needs at a very affordable price point… there is no need to worry about reading the fine print for hidden fees and limits.” Currently, UVA Mobile is running a promotion for its commercial launch which will give new customers 2 free SIMs and a free month of service whenever they purchase the first month of service. The catch is that UVA does not sell phones; you’ll have to bring your own. As it is on a T-Mobile network, most unlocked GSM devices should be compatible with the service, but you’ll want to check with UVA to make sure before you spend the money. As it’s a new company, there are always some risks when signing up for service, but I have to say I’m pretty excited about the possibilities for this startup. Not only is Merchant more knowledgeable in the MVNO business (having worked for and on both Cricket and Simple Mobile) but their plans are reasonably competitive and all the customer service reps are pretty polite. All good signs for the health of the company. For more information on UVA Mobile or to look into signing up, visit the UVA Mobile website.]]>

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