What MVNOs Use AT&T?

ATT Prepaid Coverage Next to Verizon, AT&T has the most complete network in the United States. Unlike Verizon, AT&T actually has a decent number of MVNOs who resell its service. So, if you’re looking to take advantage of AT&T’s awesome coverage but don’t want to deal with the carrier prices, then here are some of the more popular options:

The way MVNOs work is that they do not actually own any of the network or spectrum that they sell–it is all leased from AT&T, meaning that AT&T has the final say in a lot of things. However, the customer service and selling of phones is 100% taken care of by the MVNO. Agreements between carriers and MVNOs vary and may have conditions about phones and services as well, so make sure you do your research! Typically, MVNOs use the same service map as the prepaid division of the main company, but with different prices. The downside to going with an MVNO is that the customer service can be hit and miss, and many times the companies are not very stable. I recommend being a little cautious with newer companies, as it’s unlikely you’d get a refund if the company were to suddenly fold as many MVNOs do. Have you used any of these companies? Tell us how your experience was in the comments! Not interested in AT&T? Check out our Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon MVNO lists!]]>

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