How To Set Up Net10 APN Settings For Iphones

Pick “create APN,” and choose United States, and Net10 (wap.tracfone) as the carrier. If this doesn’t work, try each of the listed Net10 options until you find one that does. After this, pick “create APN” and “install.” Safari should open and then you must restart the phone. Then, turn WiFi off, open Safari and try to load some websites. If it works, then you are done. This method should work for data, but you may need an additional method for MMS to work. MMS APN Settings To set it up you put in the Carrier APN settings using a SIM swap method. You will need a T-Mobile SIM card, which can be inactive, and when put into the phone it should show the Cellular Data Network settings. Then, replace the SIM with your SIM card (for instance NET10 AT&T SIM, return to Cellular Data Network Settings and put in the Carrier APN settings. Browse to “settings,” then “general” and look for “profile.” Tap on it to remove the profile. If there isn’t a profile, then take out the SIM card and hit “ok.” Then, put the other SIM card back in the phone and you should see “no service.” Then browse to “settings,” then “general,” then cellular and look for “cellular data network.” Next, remove the SIM and your settings will go back to either “cellular” or “general.” Put the AT&T SIM back into the phone. Cellular should change to “on.” Click “cellular data network and erase all of the data there and in the MMS areas. Depending on the iOS you have, here are the proper settings: For iOS 6: • NAME = not used • APN = APN (in CELLULAR DATA) • MMS_APN = APN (in MMS) • MMS PROXY and MMS PORT = MMS Proxy (MMS Proxy:MMS PORT) Some have had success with these settings: APN — tfdata MMS — APN — tfdata MMSC — MMS Proxy — MMS Max Message Sz :1048576 Or: APN — wap.tracfone MMS — APN — wap.tracfone MMSC — MMS Proxy — MMS Max Message Sz — 1048576 Then, turn off the phone, then turn it back on. Turn off WiFi, go to Safari, and make sure that still works. Then, go to settings, then “messages” and “imessage off.” Then go to “messages” and send a test MMS picture. If you have been successful it should work.]]>

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