Net10 "No Evil" ads making their rounds

We’re not big TV watchers, so a lot of ad campaigns slip by us. We were pointed, though, to a post on Creativity Online which embedded three new Net10 commercials. They’re of the two-minute variety, which is probably why we don’t see them. But they do a good job of decrying cell phone contracts. Our favorite line: “And no overcharging people trying to save the human race…ever.” You can check out the commercials themselves over at Creativity Online (we couldn’t find the embed code). They may seem pointless at first, but they come around to the prepaid cell issue in a kind of humorous way.

This delicate mix of emotional storytelling and deft humor taps into our need to know that there are much better people than us out there roaming the earth and making the world a nicer place. Sure it’s a direct manipulation of our single tear-ready emotions but those are real people and no one likes getting ripped off and why is my bill always over my plan amount and why does it have to be two years and … just wook at dat face! In the end, it’s a simple, clear idea crafted into commercials well worth watching.
We couldn’t agree more. [Creativity Online]]]>

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  1. MCohen on June 26, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    These video were funny but did you see what they’re up to now? A funny contest:

  2. Greg on March 1, 2011 at 5:25 am

    These ads are so damn funny! I love ’em and the net10 unlimited everything plan for 50 bucks a month. the biggest plus for me is because it is prepaid there are no contracts, or monthly bills.