How Addicted to Smartphones Are We Really?

Smartphones are pretty much everywhere. They are prolific in a way that few things have been before them, and smartphones have, in some ways, taken over our lives. But, while we all know that smartphones are incredibly useful and that most people have one, an Internet analytics firm, comScore has released a report that puts into nice numbers exactly how addicted we really are. So, to celebrate the proliferation of smartphones, here are some of the scary figures comScore released in regards to its study:
  • Smartphones currently make up 75% of the mobile market, compared to 65% a year ago, and 2% a decade ago
  • 3/4 of Americans 13 and up have a smartphone, with higher numbers of smartphones in those under 44
  • The percentage of people who don’t own a smartphone is so small, it’s not even mentioned
  • Nearly 25% of users are qualified as “dependent” and said they use their phones “nearly all the time”
  • 21% of the top users said they could not maintain a relationship with a significant other without their smartphones
  • 19% of the top users said they could not find new friends without their smartphones
  • 11% of all smartphone users said they would be unhappy without their smartphones
  • 85% of Americans aged 13-44 have a smartphone
  • 41% of users surveyed had iPhones, 29% Samsung and single digits for other phone makers like LG and HTC
  • Nearly 70% of smartphone app users use Facebook on their smartphones, followed by YouTube at 55%
I can’t say that I’m surprised by most of these, but it’s definitely still a little scary to read. I couldn’t find exactly how many people the study surveyed, but I tend to believe it as this study pretty well coincides with other similar studies I’ve read. A lot of this information was taken from the abridged December 2014 study, which you can view here. What do you think? Are you addicted to your smartphone?]]>

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