Is your cell boosting your brain function?

International Journal of Neuroscience is being released in a week or so, though we didn’t know that until this morning. Our interest relates to a mobile phone study conducted that relates to the device’s effect on brain power. Until this point, most studies noted a negative effect on brain power in high-volume cell users. This one, however, takes a different tack, and one that might be a little more favorable to talkaholics. The study written about in the journal utilized 300 people: 100 non-cell users, 100 frequent users, and 100 moderate users. “Neuropsychological functions such as attention, memory and executive function and personality traits were assessed.” The results are that frequent cell users show better focused attention. This is because frequent cell users are often surrounded by distractions, from noises to people, and they learn to shut out anything not pertinent. The results weren’t all good, though. The study, like the many that preceded it, shows that frequent cell users display “more slow activity (increased Delta and Theta) and a slowing of the Alpha Peak Frequency.” This can at first glance be construed as risky, since Alzheimers comprises a slowing of brain activity. However, the scientists have said that the level of risk is not the same. What do you prefer: Slowed brain activity and increased focus, or quicker brain activity and not as intent focus? We’ll take the latter. You? [Cellular-News]]]>

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