Pay $399 now and never have another phone bill again

How does this relate to wireless? Well, how would you feel about this $399 device being set up to pick up WiFi signals, like T-Mobile’s Hotspot @Home? We know we’d be psyched. This, of course, is the next logical step for Ooma, or a related business. This isn’t something that would happen over night — there are technological obstacles to hurdle, plus the will of the major telecom companies. There’s just no way they’d let such a service roll out without putting up a huge fight. Just look at T-Mobile for an example. Technological evolution cannot be completely quashed, though. Yes, interested parties with deep pockets can slow progress, but they can’t completely shut it out. This sounds like an excellent improvement in telecommunications technology, and we’d love to see it evolve further. There are a few drawbacks already, like the inability to use 911. Oh, and hooking up a phone other than your main one will cost you $39 a pop. But, once again, this is all an investment into not paying a monthly call fee. And it’s also an investment into the future of telecommunications. We’re going to stay on top of this one. We don’t think it will be long before someone comes up with a wireless version of this — at least in theory if not in practice. [BusinessWeek]]]>

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