Republic Wireless Testing Cell-to-Wifi Handovers

Sprint MVNO Republic Wireless is built on the idea that consumers can (and should) save some money by using the Wifi networks that they already have access to for making calls. Needless to say, Republic gained quite a following with this model and several companies have adopted similar ideas including Google Fi and Touch Mobile. But, it looks like Republic is pushing the bullet yet again with its new “Salsa” project. Currently, the way Republic’s network works is that customers can make calls on either Wifi or cellular connections. If a customer makes a call on wifi and then moves out of range during a call, the phone will automatically and seamlessly transfer the call to cellular networks so customers can continue talking. It’s pretty cool. However, customers making a call on a cellular network have to stay on the cellular network for the duration of the call. Transferring from cell to wifi is not currently supported. However, late last month, Republic Wireless announced that it was working on something called Project Salsa, which should help make customers able to switch from cellular networks to wifi, provided the wifi is strong enough. The company has been testing out the technology with volunteers and the new capabilities are expected to be available to the public in September of this year. “We believe WiFi calling should work just as well, if not better, than a cellular only experience. Customers should not have to think about what network they are on – their phone should just work,” said Jon Schniepp, Senior Vice President, Product Management of Republic Wireless in a press release. Republic Wireless currently has several plans available to consumers at various price ranges, with varying amounts of data and unlimited wifi use. To use Republic’s network, consumers must purchase a Republic Wireless device. For more information on Republic Wireless or to view the plans and phones available, visit Republic Wireless’ website.]]>