Page Plus Adds Unlimited Mexico Calling


Late last year, AT&T’s GoPhone, added free unlimited calling to Mexican-based mobile numbers thanks to its purchase of Mexican mobile company lusacell. Several other MVNOs followed suit including Boost Mobile. Well, I just discovered today that Page Plus also recently joined the ranks of prepaid MVNOs that are matching AT&T’s Mexic calling plan. Right now, all customers who have Page Plus’ $69.95 plan automatically get free unlimited mobile to mobile to Mexico minutes along with 400 international landline minutes. The international minutes can be used to call 35 different countries including the UK, China, Brazil, Canada, Greece and more. You can take a peek at the full list here. Page Plus has also debuted a new Page Plus International Calling Application for iPhone and Android devices. The app is designed to make calling international numbers through Page Plus painless and allows customers to bypass the 10-digit access code prior to dialing international numbers. The app is free to download. If you’re not on Page Plus’ most expensive plan and therefore do not qualify for the free minutes to Mexico, then you do still have the option to add-on a $9 global calling card. The calling card works as a separate balance that allows customers to make calls to select international countries for a per-minute fee which is different for each country. Unlike monthly minutes, international balances roll over from month to month. The list of countries that can be called with this add-on is pretty extensive, and some of the per-minute prices are pretty good. International calling will deduct minutes from your normal minute pool in addition to the per-minute cost. For more information, contact Page Plus or visit their website.]]>

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