PTel Lowers $35 Plan Price

The price war that has been raging among the various wireless companies in the last year or so has slowed down somewhat but still continues strong with everyone trying to undercut others. So, it shouldn’t be super surprising to hear that T-Mobile MVNO PTel Mobile has plans to slash the price of its $35/month plan. According to information from Prepaid Phone News, this reduction in price has only been announced to PTel dealers. When I checked the website at the time of writing, the $35 plan was still available for the regular price. However, sometime in the next couple of weeks or so, PTel should reportedly be knocking $5 off of the plan price. Services for the plan will remain unchanged. Here is a breakdown of what the plan lineup should look like when the changes go into effect:
  • $20 – unlimited talk and text, 250 MB
  • $25 – unlimited talk, text and throttled data
  • $30 – unlimited talk, text and throttled data, 1 GB 4G
  • $40 – unlimited talk, text and throttled data, 2 GB 4G
  • $50 – unlimited talk, text and throttled data, 3 GB 4G
  • $60 – unlimited talk, text and throttled data, 10 GB 4G
Additionally, PTel also offers pay-as-you-go plans as well as international calling. Users have the option of purchasing a device through PTel or activating their own unlocked GSM device. For more information on PTel Mobile plans and rates, visit the PTel Mobile website.]]>

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