Lycamobile Double Data Promotion


Lycamobile, a T-Mobile MVNO, is currently running a promotion that will get you double data on a couple of its plans. From now until January 31, new customers activating a line on either the $35 or $45 plans receive double the data on their first month for no extra charge. With the promotion, the data on the national plans look like this:
  • $19/month – 100 MB hard capped data
  • $35/month – 4 GB high speed data (typically 2 GB)
  • $45/month – 10 GB high speed data (typically 5 GB)
  • $55/month – 10 GB high speed data
Data on all plans except the $19 one is unlimited, with a certain amount at high speeds. During this promotional period, new customers will receive the free data for their first month, and after that billing cycle the plans return to normal. This is not available for current customers switching plans. I appreciate what Lycamobile is trying to do here, but for data heavy users this still isn’t the smart choice. Comparatively, Sprint MVNO Boost Mobile offers unlimited high speed data for $50/month. Even with this promotion, you’d max out with 10 GB for that price. Even on T-Mobile’s network, MetroPCS offers an unlimited data plan for $60/month. While Lycamobile may not be the best option for the data heavy user, the company’s plans are heavy with international features. All of the plans include unlimited international text, and all plans except one include international calling to more than 30 destinations. You can view the full lineup of plans, in detail, here.]]>