Will the Price War Move to Prepaid?

Last week, Cricket chirped in and offered $100 credit to customers porting from T-Mobile or MetroPCS. And, while T-Mobile has been advertising their 4 lines for $100 deal, Cricket (and various other wireless sites) have noted that Cricket offers a slightly better deal–5 lines for $100 through a scaling discount program. The more lines you have, the more you can save and if you purchase the cheapest plans, your fifth line could potentially be free. While T-Mobile has more data (on a patchier network), you just can’t beat free. Surprisingly, while T-Mobile has had no problem fluffing their feathers and prancing around, proudly proclaiming that they’re the best postpaid with more snark than Ironman Tony Stark, they haven’t responded to Cricket’s obvious challenge. Maybe it’s because T-Mobile CEO John Legere knows his network is worse than AT&T powered Cricket. Or maybe they’re planning a counterattack. Either way, the price war has officially slid over to the prepaid market. We’ll see if it stays there or not.]]>