Cortana Plans Invasion of Android, iPhone


When I purchased my last phone, I almost bought a Windows phone. Not because I particularly liked those obnoxious little Windows 8.1 tiles or because I thought the Windows App Store was worth the time, but because of Cortana.¬†While I ultimately didn’t go with a Windows phone, I still kind of regret the decision. But now it’s looking like I might not have to wait much longer. Microsoft announced last week that it is working on an advanced version of Siri that is not only more intelligent and helpful, but that can be downloaded on any platform–including iPhone and Android. An official date for release hasn’t been set, but many are expecting the app launch to follow the autumn release of Window 10, which will also include Cortana. Named after the popular blue holographic character in the “Halo” game franchise, Cortana is Windows’ version of Siri or Google’s Now. And, according to Reuters, Cortana will be getting an upgrade thanks to an artificial intelligence project codenamed “Einstein.” The new Cortana is expected to be able to read emails and calendar and provide suggestions and helpful information when it’s needed. You can read more about it here. Personally, I’m pretty stoked at the idea of not having to use Google Now with my Android devices anymore. I don’t know what the limitations will be as far as which devices will be compatible with Cortana, but I expect that several prepaid devices will support her. So, what do you think? Do you or would you use any sort of digital assistant on your phone? Do you like Cortana better than Siri or Google Now? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!]]>

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