HTC Desire 526, 626 Headed to Verizon

HTC has announced that it will be bringing two new devices to Verizon in the next few weeks. The HTC Desire 626, which is also available via T-Mobile’s prepaid brand MetroPCS, is expected sometime in the coming weeks while the slightly toned-down 526 should be available at Verizon stores already. Both devices are entry-level devices with fairly similar specs although the 626 is slightly upgraded over the 526. The devices will be available for both prepaid and postpaid customers, although both the specs and the price look more like something you’d expect to see on a prepaid shelf. Between the two, I honestly would have to say that the 626 is probably the better value for the money with slightly upgraded features: a 8 MP camera instead of 5 MP, a slightly better processor and a 5 inch screen over the 526’s 4.7 inch screen. The 626 is expected to retail for around $170 while the 526 will be considerably less expensive at $120. However, at the time of launch, the 526 has temporarily been reduced to $89.99 which is actually not bad for what you’re getting. Depending on what you use your device for, you could do a lot worse than the 526. For more information on Verizon prepaid plans, visit the Verizon website.]]>